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Rhino 7 Webinar | What's New_?

Join our Rhino 7 Webinar (Turkish) with McNeel Europe, where you will find a detailed explanation about the new features developed in Rhino 7, the latest version of Rhinoceros 3D software developed by Robert McNeel & Associates, the industries where Rhino 3D program is widely used and the most popular third-party plug-ins.

Rhino 7 | License Management

There are 3 different ways to register a license after purchasing Rhino 3D software. Licensing with Rhino Account – Cloud Zoo – wherever you are in the world, you can access your license as soon as you log in to your account, and for a more limited use, licensing can only be done on the installed computer. 

RhinoCenter Academy | Rhino 3D Training Center

Rhino 3D Academy platform RhinoCenter Academy is launched! RhinoCenter Academy includes training for parametric architecture and design tool Grasshopper 3D together with Rhino 3D, organic form creation tool SubD - SubDivision - Modeling and tutorials for plugins (VRay for Rhino, RhinoCAM, KUKAprc, RoboDK, etc.) 

Robotic LightPainting Workshop with KUKA

Our participants in the robotic lightpainting workshop, organized on April 17 2021 | Saturday, have learned to create a path using Rhino and Grasshopper and then simulate robot movements with KUKA|prc.

Rhino 3D | Model Library

Being widely used in many industries - such as Marine, Jewelry, Furniture, Architecture or even Aviation - for design, visualization, engineering and production purposes, Rhino deserves the most diverse and yet clean 3D Model Library above all. Evolved on top of this idea, we are happy to announce that the 2-year of work, 3D Model Library for Rhinoceros is ready!  

Lands Design | Landscape Design Plugin

Asuni has released the stable version of Lands Design, the comprehensive landscape design plugin for Rhino, which he has developed for a long time! Lands Design seems to be a unique tool for many Landscape Architects as a program that offers advanced solutions for green space and landscape design. Released with the stable version of Rhino 6, the plugin provides 2D technical drawings, 3D modeling and photo-quality visual results using BIM technology.

PAMELA | Membrane Load Analysis

Parametric Membrane Load Analysis ( PA  rametric  ME  mbrane  L  oad A  nalysis) arising from PAMELA word is a Rhinoceros 3D plugin and consists of a series of components that work in Grasshopper. The mathematical calculations and algorithms underlying the components are implemented separately.

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