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Terms & Conditions


This agreement regulates the terms of use of the services offered and offered for sale on the website as Rhinocenter and the terms of membership to the site. Please read the explanation below before proceeding with some of your operations on

Please do not use the website and become a member if any of the conditions specified on this page are suitable. By filling out the form with your personal information and ticking the "I have read, understand and accept the Terms of Use and Membership Terms" checkbox, you can activate the website of and activate your membership, accept in advance the terms of use and Membership Terms written on this page. These Terms of Use and Membership Terms are legally binding between Rhinocenter and the User. The parties to the contract have agreed on the specified terms.


1.1. The purpose of this agreement will not be understood:

1.1.1. "Procurement" is the text of the Rhinocenter Terms of Use and Membership Conditions available at

1.1.2. "Free-Members" are persons aged 18 (eighteen) in their free Rhinocenter account file.

1.1.3. "Pro-Member" means persons who are over the age of 18 (eighteen) for their Rhinocenter account in case of monthly payment of 49,00.-TL (Forty Nine Turkish Liras) + VAT.

1.1.4. Members include both Free-Members and Pro-Members together.

1.1.5. "Rhinocenter" is a registered trademark in the name of Mustafa Dülger and is the internet high administrator of

1.1.6. "Registration" means filling out the membership registration form.

1.1.7. "Site" is internet sites with the extension

1.1.8. "Account" is the internal database of the Site's free services accessed after Members register and / or login to the Site.

1.1.9. "Service" (Services), all consultancy that visitors want to receive, 3D series of Members to the Site, downloading 3D designs from the Site, reviewing and viewing information about them. operations.

1.1.10. "Design" are "original" 3D models uploaded by Members on Rhinocenter.

1.1.11. "Model" are "generic" 3D models uploaded to the server by the members on Rhinocenter.

1.1.12. "Free Designs and Models" are Designs and 3D Models that can be downloaded free of charge daily (24 hours) with a password of 3 free members and 25 by Pro-Members.

1.1.13. "Paid Designs and Models" The payment of the member count fee is the number that can be ordered.


2.1. Services offered to members;

2.1.1. Creating, searching and viewing designs, models and related programs;

2.1.2. Registration and / or login to the site;

2.1.3. Posting and displaying any designs or models on the site, including but not including texts, hyperlinks, images, audio and video files, data and / or other information;

2.1.4. License to allow access to the Design or Model, download that design or model, use downloaded designs or models;

2.1.5. Designs and Models are licensed for correct and scanned use into the site's database;

2.1.6. It is to improve the site and make the necessary updates.

2.2. Memberships accept these services provided by the Site within the scope of this scope.

2.3. Rhinocenter and the Members accept each of the designs and models on the Site as an Intellectual Property Right.

2.4. All Members who upload designs or models to the site accept that they transfer their exclusive copyrights to Rhinocenter.


3.1. By completing the registration registration and checking the "I have read, understood and accept the Terms of Use and Membership Terms" checkbox, the members acknowledge that they are fully aware of the provisions of this agreement, without making any reservations.

3.2. The acceptance of these Terms of Use and Membership Terms by the Members is equivalent to a double writing between Rhinocenter and the members.

3.3. After the completion of the membership procedures and the acceptance of the contract, it is considered as executed and in force. This is valid and binding for the duration that Members benefit from the services of the site.

3.4. Members are obliged to accept the terms of the Contract amended in order for their membership account to work better. Members have the right not to accept the amended Agreement after the notification of amendment to the Agreement sent to them. Membership accounts of Members who do not accept the changes will be disabled.


4.1. Rhinocenter is obliged to perform the necessary maintenance and updates on the Site in order to ensure the Members' access to and use of the services provided by the site without interruption.

4.2. Rhinocent the Republic of Turkey, the personal data of the Members Constitution and the international conventions to which the parties of the country on human rights 6698 numbered Law on the Protection of Personal Data ( "KVKK") mainly be processed in accordance with the relevant legislation and provide the necessary measures to ensure the use of processed regarding the rights of persons in the most effective manner is obliged to buy.

4.3. Rhinocenter has the right to change the design of the Site without the prior consent of the Members, to add new services, to cease existing services and to suspend the Site during such changes and studies.

4.4. Rhinocenter offers various campaigns such as promoting the Site and its services, advertising, promoting and promoting the content of the Site on any page of the Site, in areas deemed necessary in the web environment (Social Media, Search Engines, Other Web Pages) and in physical advertising areas. has the right to do.

4.5. In case Rhinocenter determines that the design / model uploaded by the Members violates the intellectual property rights of third parties (copyright, related rights, patent rights, know-how rights, trademark rights, etc.), immediately delete the content in question without any notification. has the right.

4.6. Rhinocenter has the right to remedy the contradiction without any notice if the designs uploaded by the Members detect an obscene element contrary to general public morality.

4.7. If Rhinocenter determines that Article 5.6 of this Agreement has been violated by the Members, it will take necessary legal remedies to remove the design from the relevant platform immediately and the relevant member will be prohibited from accessing the platform and Rhinocenter platform.

4.8. Rhinocenter has the right to deactivate the relevant member's account without any written notification in case the Members violate any provision of this Agreement.

4.9. Rhinocenter has the right to change the fee schedule for Pro-Membership or Paid Designs at its sole discretion.

4.10. RhinoCenter notifies the Members if force majeure that cannot be foreseen occurs in the delivery of products requiring physical delivery and shipment and the product cannot be delivered on time. Members can request the cancellation of the order, the replacement of the product with a similar product, or the postponement of the delivery until the obstacle disappears. If the members cancel the order; If the payment has been made in cash, this fee is paid to him in cash within 14 days of cancellation. If the members have made the payment by credit card and canceled, the product price will be returned to the bank within 14 days from this cancellation, but it is possible for the bank to transfer it to the buyer's account within 2-3 weeks.


5.1. Members have the right to benefit from the services provided by the Site within the scope of this Agreement.

5.2. Free-Members who create a free Rhinocenter membership account have a total of 3 (three) free design downloads daily (24 hours).

5.3. Members can switch their accounts to Pro-Membership in return for the payment specified in article 6. The daily limit of free designs for Pro-Members is 25 (twenty five) in total.

5.4. Members (regardless of the Free-Member or Pro-Member category) have the right to download the same design for free by logging into their profile another day after purchasing the paid design. However, this download will be deducted from the member's daily download quota.

5.5. Members are obliged to accept that they will not sell or share the free / paid designs downloaded from the Site on any other platform.

5.6. Members have the right to use the paid / free designs downloaded from the Site as they are or by changing them, provided that their membership continues. However, the member whose membership terminates for any reason terminates the right to use the designs downloaded from the Site and is obliged to delete the downloaded designs immediately together with all copies made.

5.7. Members accept that the designs they upload to the Site do not violate third party intellectual property rights (copyright, related rights, patent rights, know-how rights, trademark rights, etc.). Otherwise, article 4.5 of the Agreement will be applied.

5.8. Members have the right to notify Rhinocenter of all their requests, suggestions, questions and requests in case of a problem with the Site.

5.9. Members have the right to request authorization from Rhinocenter to publish advertisements on the Site.

5.10. Members are obliged to pay shipping costs if they purchase products that require shipment.

5.11. Members will inspect if the product is a physical product (license usb dongle, etc.) before receiving the contractual goods / service; crushed, broken, torn packaging, etc. will not receive the damaged and defective goods / services from the cargo company. The delivered goods / services will be deemed undamaged and intact. Members must carefully protect the goods / services after delivery.


6.1. Pro-Membership fee for citizens of the Republic of Turkey Monthly 49,00.-TL + KDV.

6.2. Pro-membership fee for non-citizens of the Republic of Turkey ... per month.


7.1. Payments can be made by bank transfer or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) to any of our Garanti Bank TL or Euro accounts specified on the relevant page of our site.

7.2. Members can take advantage of single payment or installment options using their credit cards on our site, using the iyzico payment infrastructure. For transactions made by credit card through, the fee will be debited from the credit card at the end of the order.


8.1. RhinoCenter's obligation to deliver the product is terminated if the members do not pay the price of the service or product (Pro Membership, Pro Product, License, Consultancy, etc.) or cancel them in the bank records. In purchases that require shipping (Electronic or Physical), products are not delivered without verification of payment.


9.1. This Agreement may be terminated unilaterally, in whole or in part, at any time by either Party. The Party wishing to terminate the contract must inform the other Party by e-mail. Therefore, the Agreement is terminated only on this notice.

9.2. Members will be entitled to a pro-rata refund of any fee paid for the remaining Subscription Period.

9.3. With the termination of the contract, access to the services offered by the Site is blocked.


10.1. Istanbul Caglayan Courts and Enforcement Offices are exclusively authorized to resolve disputes arising from this Agreement. Turkish law will be applied in matters not included in the contract.