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We are thrilled to announce the first Rhino User Meeting in Turkey. Join us for an inspiring day filled with engaging discussions, and networking opportunities. You’ll have the chance to learn about Rhino 8 and its new features from McNeel, and connect with fellow enthusiasts, share insights, and explore the use cases of Rhino across different industries. 

The event kicks off with a warm welcome from the General Secretary of Yıldız Technical University, who is not only a Rhino Expert but will also share personal stories with Rhino and talk about the University's training center activities and plans.

Following this, RhinoCenter, the organizer, will share insights into their activities and a brief history.

The program then moves on to a lively presentation by McNeel, covering their team, recent developments, and Rhino's new version, Rhino 8. Explore the exciting new features and adaptations it brings.

Continuing the excitement, the schedule includes presentations from various software developers and distributors like VisualARQ, LandsDesign, RhinoCAM, RoboDK, and more. Get ready for a closer look at these tools and how they work with Rhino.

After lunch break, the afternoon sessions kick off with Industry-Specific presentations. It all begins with Architecture, followed by insights into the Marine, Design, and Engineering/Production sectors. Discover how Rhino is making an impact across different industries and gain valuable insights from experts in each field.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to be part of a day that combines learning, networking, and exploring the vast possibilities of Rhino.

Register now to secure your spot for a day of creativity, innovation, and in-depth industry knowledge!

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Location: Yıldız Technical University, Auditorium, Beşiktaş, İstanbul


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