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Along with Grasshopper, Rhinoceros is a comprehensive 3D modeling program for architecture, engineering, manufacturing and construction. Rhino 3D enhances the concept creation capability of a team while determining the form of the building while designing. Rhino is the most widely used program for freeform roofs, parametric facades, repetitive elements of a structure (such as panels, curtain wall elements), multifaceted shapes or complex structures. Rhino is one of the best computer aided design and modeling tools that offer a wide range of solutions for every stage of the entire process, from design to production.

“For the design, development and realization of the complex morphology of the pavilion, it was necessary to establish an information loop for the finite element analyzes and simulations, the model of the project and the computer aided numerical control tools. In this sense, there is a direct relationship between Form finding and Structural design.” - Stuttgart University

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Dynamic Design Tools

Rhino is one of the best tools for exploring and developing a wide variety of solutions. Rhino 3D combined with Grasshopper is an ideal program for creating dynamically related geometries such as NURBS surfaces, mesh and solid models. Grasshopper enables dynamic work, even the most complex geometries, to explore new design options. With Grasshopper 3D, you can explore new options that were previously impossible to design or manufacture;

  • Build parametric systems to explore design options.
  • See changes in real time.
  • Explore data manipulations by incorporating intelligent datasets into the design process.
  • Optimize form and topology with analysis tools.
  • Filter and structure information to include in the design.
  • Speed ​​up coordination by converting to/from a wide variety of file formats.

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Analysis and Simulation Tools

Rhinoceros and Grasshopper offer comprehensive analysis and simulation options, especially in the early stages of design, with their rich plugin ecosystem. You can use plugins or ready-made codes (scripts) to analyze the concept quickly even while it is still in the preliminary design stage. As the design progresses, you can export the geometry to run the more traditional analysis tools you already use, or make live connections between the analysis programs you use and Rhino and Grasshopper.

  • Region specific weather, environmental and energy analysis.
  • Daylight analysis of exterior and interior spaces. 
  • Structural analysis compatible with many softwares. 
  • Pedestrian and exit path analysis. 
  • Space configuration options and scaling configurations. 
  • 3D View Analysis.

You can check out this page for some analytics plugins..

BIM and Documentation

Rhino can integrate into the BIM (Building Information Modeling) workflow with the help of various plugins. You can take advantage of all the features of Rhino to associate geometry and object data with BIM models. Plugins also support import and export with IFC file format to replace Rhino models with other AEC applications.

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Visualization and Animation

Rhino is a great tool for making photorealistic renders and illustrations. Rhino works with many popular rendering and animation plugins. Rhino models can also work integrated with augmented reality and virtual reality applications.

  • Use of rendering tools such as V-Ray, Enscape with integrated plug-ins.
  • Enhanced OpenGL rendering for real-time rendering.
  • Multiple display and view options.
  • Plugins for popular augmented reality systems.
  • Output options compatible with many popular rendering programs.

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Fabrication and Construction

Rhino and Grasshopper can be tightly integrated with any part of the manufacturing process, including robotics and digital manufacturing, 3D printing and rapid prototyping;

  • Output the correct geometry for production.
  • Export 2D Drawings with precision.
  • Prepare files for CNC cutting.
  • Use scaling tools to create design models and mockups.
  • Rationalize geometry for efficient production.
  • Use advanced robots for custom production.

See how Rhino 3D is used during the design and construction of the Morpheus Hotel..

Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame, Natchitoches Louisiana, LA. Trahan Architects, and Method Design and Case, Inc.

King Abdul-Aziz Tower (ITHRA) Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Architect: SnøhettaCase study on the computational tools used.

Düzce TEKNOPARK , Turkey. Architect: II Architects, Barış Çokcan and Sigrid Brell-ÇokcanClick for Project Details.

Perugino Restaurant, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. El Laboratorio de Artes Binarios (LAB).

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