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Rhino 3D and the widely used parametric modeling tool Grasshopper continue to evolve in many areas of architecture. A new addition has been added to the modeling of tensile structures currently working in Rhino 3D and Grasshopper. Parametric Membrane Load Analysis ( PA  rametric  ME  mbrane  L  oad A  nalysis) arising from PAMELA word is a Rhinoceros 3D plugin and consists of a series of components that work in Grasshopper. The mathematical calculations and algorithms underlying the components are implemented separately.

PAMELA can be used in all design stages of a membrane structure, from form determination to structural analysis with SEM-based load simulations (eg under wind and snow loads) and detail drawings (shop drawings). PAMELA has started to develop with the engineering master's program in the Department of Applied Sciences of Anhalt University and is still under development.

More information can be found on parametric-design
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