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Emarf, published by Vuild, is an online wooden furniture production service. Emarf, which already has a few basic wooden furniture in its library, allows the user to play with the characteristics of the product and change these features easily via Grasshopper.

The changes can be instantly displayed on the web interface. The user can send the model, which is finalized with the changes in the design, to any workshop that establishes a solution partnership with Vuild for CNC operations, and have it produced with computer aided manufacturing (CAM) tools and request delivery to the address. This system is currently used only in Japan, but Vuild is looking for a solution partners all over the world.

Emarf also allows all designers to convert their models into parametric models with Grasshopper and upload these models to the Emarf system with its plugin working on Grasshopper. You can access the demo webcast of Emarf 3.0 at and conduct tests on the demo product. You can also download Emarf's plug-in from food4rhino.

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