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Due to the Covid19 epidemic, which emerged towards the end of 2019 and spread rapidly all over the world, all in-class training and national education classes were suspended for a long time and the training began to be shifted to online platforms. We are happy to announce that we come to an end today in the infrastructure and content preparation we have been making for our Academy Platform during the process. You will be able to find lessons for Rhino 3D, which started with Basic Level Trainings, the groundbreaking Parametric - more precisely Algorithmic - Design tool Grasshopper 3D and the Subdivision Modeling method developed with Rhino 7.

Comprehensive training sets for Visualization - Rendering and Presentation, Production - CAM and Robotic Arm Usage, Analysis, - Daylight, Wind, Stress and Loading , with categorized contents, announcements of online or classroom events to be held one-on-one and live, training documents used in these events, prepared scripts and project-based training sets will soon be uploaded to the Academy Platform.

You can visit our Academy website for our training sets, Certifications and Certification Exams, Corporate Training Requests and more.

RhinoCenter Academy Platform

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