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A brand new alternative has come to the Jewelry Design softwares that have been used for years and have become an industry standard. Being the most widely used 3D Modeling Tool of the jewelery industry, Gemvision's Matrix (with its new name MatrixGold) provided great convenience to jewelry designers thanks to many specialized tools it offered. Panther, on the other hand, offers the same special jewelry design commands, as well as semi-parametric work within Rhino and fully parametric work with Grasshopper.

In 2009, the Stuller company, which acquired Gemvision, the developer of the Matrix software, decided to incorporate TDM Solutions, the developers of RhinoGold software, which was implemented as a Matrix alternative, in 2015, and decided to merge both programs and stop developing RhinoGold. Although its leadership in the sector was riveted by this combination, the search for alternatives all over the world led to the development of new software. Panther took its place in the jewelry market as a product of this search.

The biggest point that separates Rhino 3D's Record History (formerly known as Explicit History) feature from its competitors is that Panther is also the only program that can work in Grasshopper, which is a parametric modeling interface.

Jewelry industry is not so acquainted with Grasshopper, yet. However, in the coming years, the topic of Parametric Jewelry Design will also start to be heard and spread in the sector. Both the design optimization tools embedded in Grasshopper (Ex: Evolutionary Optimization Tool Galapagos) and the models made on the Grasshopper screen are almost like a ghost on the Rhino screen, the instant intervention can be made to any point of the model being studied. In the coming days, Panther for Grasshopper trainings will enable new methods to be discovered in jewelry design. Below are some of the prominent features of the Panther 3D software;

Precise Stone Setting Tools

With the Multi Gem feature, you can create all kinds of gemstone sets and arrange them on geometry. With Panther, you can string delicate stones without distorting the shape of the design. There are special stone setting sets for each stone in different types and shapes.

Advanced Jewelry Builders

With Panther, it is possible to create a model from scratch or start a model from the interactive gallery. Unique options for every detail of the design are available in this gallery. Modeling history (History) is automatically defined.

SubD Modeling

This feature, developed with Rhino 7, allows you to model the model by pulling it like a dough. With SubD tools, you will be able to obtain organic and fluid forms that were previously difficult to model.

In addition to these, disadvantages such as the fact that the models made with the History feature of Rhino 3D gradually become heavier, the model is very difficult to manipulate due to intense geometries in additional operations to be applied to the models (such as adding supports before 3D printing) Thanks to Grasshopper's ghost model capability, it will turn into an advantage. Panther is a jewelery design program that can work in both Rhino 3D (Semi-Parametric Study with History) and Grasshopper 3D, as well as its simple user interface and fast learning process, which can be the choice of many users with its reasonable price compared to its competitors.

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Automatic Pave

The most advanced pave tools will allow you to place stones on Nurbs, SubD and Mesh objects. The processes at the design stage will be recorded and the edits you make instantly will be reflected in the model. You will save a lot of time with this semi-parametric study.

Interactive Gallery

The geometries called Builders can be created from scratch, as well as the predefined geometries available in the Panther Gallery. You can also set up a gallery with your own custom designs or get your own tools by editing and modifying the geometries in the Panther gallery.

Automatic Patterns

Patterns are the best and fastest design solution to use less metal in high volume jewelery. You can use the patterns available in the Panther gallery, create your own patterns and place these patterns on objects in different sequences.

Rendering and Animation

Cycles Render integration that comes in Rhino 7 has been optimized for jewelery with Panther Jewelery Visualization algorithm. You will be able to get very satisfying results even in the Render View. Try Render Mode with Cycles for instant rendering.
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