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Rhino Certification Test (L1)
Rhino Certification Test (L1)

Rhino Certification Test (L1)

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This exam is designed to measure and certify the participant's Rhino 3D Level 1 knowledge.
After you successfully complete the exam, your PDF-formatted certificate will be uploaded to your account on the test platform.
All questions of the exam were created from the content of the Rhino Level 1 Training Manual and the Rhino Help menu.
It is recommended that you have the Rhino (and Help Menu) on and Manual on your computer throughout the exam.
Exam language is English. You can take a look at the topics in the exam in the Specification section just above.

Number of Questions: 100
Duration: 90 minutes
Passing Score: 75
Retakes: 2 (You can take the exam 3 times in total)
Exam Details
Title-1 User interface
Title-2 Rhino geometry format
Title-3 Curves
Title-4 Selection tools
Title-5 Coordinate input
Title-6 Drawing aids
Title-7 Viewports and construction planes
Title-8 Project and object snaps
Title-9 Analysis commands
Title-10 Saving/import/export
Title-11 Drawing organisation
Title-12 Editing objects
Title-13 Point editing
Title-14 Surface editing
Title-15 Solids and Booleans
Title-17 Dimensions
Title-18 Printing

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