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Rhino's display pipeline is constantly updated to be compatible with modern graphics hardware. With Rhino 7, some models will be displayed at a considerable speed in Windows and Mac operating systems. In addition, many eye-catching enhancements have been made to support you while working in viewing modes.


Rhino's rendering line is quite fast, and the use of modern graphics hardware such as GPU audio to memory optimization. This results in fewer GPU-based display errors and more stable, beautiful and fluid frames even in very large models.

Features include very fast 3D graphics, unlimited viewports, colored views, perspective working views, named views, suspended views, full screen view, drawing support, 2-point perspective, cutting planes and 1: 1 sample viewing for full scale viewing of models.

New in Rhino 7

Some models will display significantly faster on Rhino 7's Windows and Mac operating systems:

  • Files containing nested blocks (often from SolidWorks®, STEP, and SketchUp®). Our test models performed 10 times better for the lattice view - wireframe - and color view - shaded.
  • Layout views with many details. Details contained in layout views are now defined as OpenGL® textures. These textures appear when scrolling the screen in layout or modeling in layout view, allowing for faster screen panning and zooming.
  • Files containing many text objects. Articles are displayed much faster while they are in the editing phase.

You can reach the continuation of the improvements on imaging by clicking here.

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