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RoboLuminous  | LightPainting

RoboLuminous | LightPainting

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Date:Time | April 17th, Saturday, 13:00-18:00
Instructor | FABB
Participant | 15 seats
Language | Turkish

When considered as a facilitator rather than a manufacturing tool during the design and fabrication procedure, technology presents a holistic view, resulting in applications at the intersection of digital and physical. 

robo_luminous is the first of our workshop series, where we experiment the integration of design and fabrication at different scales with a variety of applications. During this introductory workshop based on the key principles of computational design, you will learn the basics of parametric robot programming. 

We will devise a generative model created by Grasshopper and KUKA|prc. Each participant will generate their own programs to execute a light painting performance by our industrial robotic arm. Once the simulations run smoothly, the arm with a strong LED light source attached as an end-effector, will follow the path. Each procedure will be recorded as a long exposure shot. 

Participation Certificates will be issued along with the documentation of the individual light painting performance at the end of the workshop. 

This online workshop is limited to 15 seats. 

Download KUKA|prc Community version here.

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